A Fence, Friends, and an Experience

New Fence (June 2013) 005


We put in a fence around the lot next door.

2013-05-31 13.10.20

That my friends, is our fence.

New Fence (June 2013) 006

The stakes were our rough estimate of where we were going.

We were really really fortunate to have a lot of help.

New Fence (June 2013) 009

We were also lucky to have a group of people who had never built a fence before.

Except a decent amount of us had, “watched a lot of videos”

New Fence (June 2013) 012


And we were really proud of our first panel.

New Fence (June 2013) 018

There was a few times when we had panels perfectly line up and it worked beautifully.

New Fence (June 2013) 023

Other times it was a lot more like work.

New Fence (June 2013) 054

But we did get it done in only two days!

New Fence (June 2013) 056


It was starting first thing Saturday morning with a little clean up work (that couldn’t get done Friday because of the rain.) Then on Sunday… no one was available! We had to wait here and there for a few hours from the few friends we could round up who weren’t sore from the previous days work.

At one point just Nate and I had to work the two person auger. My shoulders did not enjoy that experience but we were able to get it done!

Then Monday afternoon the city came and told us the fence had to be moved back 6 feet.

For future reference these are 8 foot panels. Which means we had to move in one whole panel or make an odd panel which means an added unnecessary post for the extra two feet.

This also meant that we needed more material, and we had to pull the cemented posts from the ground where they were currently against code.

I immediately started crying. It was not a good day. At this point I had realized that my entire body was breaking out in poison ivy. I had been so sick of the stress of the fence I hadn’t slept well.

Luckily the house next to ours is currently being worked on by a contracter who came out with a piece of equipment and pulled all the posts out for us (Hellllooo that saved us hours of work).

Then I did the math and we only had to put in 7 posts and that’s the hard part. The panels are just level and screw.

Well no one tells you that when it hasn’t rained for a week using an auger in clay is almost impossible. Handsome and I were barely able to get through the clay and the auger kept shutting off from working so hard. Then also by moving it back 8 feet we hit brick after brick of what must have been the previous house. We were able to do the work that took us 4 hours the previous weekend in 8 and we were able to finish.

I have no picture of the finished new fence, but it looks JUST like the one above but without that extra panel.

It was a lot of work. I am still married aren’t I? Do I even still have friends after this!?

– Tomato