My Parents Visit

Yard Work (4-6-2013) 001


When my parents come we have to have a ready to-do list.

My parents are not idle people. If they see something they want to get to work. And my house has a lot of things that need to get done.

So they get going.

Yard Work (4-6-2013) 004

Also this is NOT Indy on steroids. This is my parents dog.

Yard Work (4-6-2013) 012


My parents helped build the two raised bed gardens. Fixed the Gate. Cleaned up our wooded area (which is code for two trees). Built a potato box. Cleaned up my yard. Helped spread grass seed. Moved Rocks. Fixed my railing.

Yard Work (4-6-2013) 017

No Big. Deal.

Yard Work (4-6-2013) 024


So very #grateful for their willingness to help and share their knowledge of small fixers and big fixers.

– Tomato Has Raised Bed Gardens for her Tomatoes