Dinner with Friends (Jen's Birthday) 001


My birthday was a while ago.

I’m behind on blogging clearly.

But for my birthday I wanted to have some great friends together for a meal.

You know a sit down and pass the mash potatoes type thing.

Because if anyone deserves praise, it’s the people who support and love me. Sometimes it is not easy.

I’m so very grateful for the people I’ve been surrounding myself with. Sometimes it feels like I can do anything and it’s partially because of their amazing energy around me.

Dinner with Friends (Jen's Birthday) 009

The wide-angle lens made everyone look really silly in this picture but I liked this picture because it’s more real. People being people, themselves and couldn’t be more grateful for them being in my life, and in my house at that very moment.
Dinner with Friends (Jen's Birthday) 022

Dinner with Friends (Jen's Birthday) 024

Clearly Indy is an attention hog. And wanted what ever was on the table.