Woman of the Year

EIU Women's Studies Awards Night 001


One of my favorite people and mentor recently won Woman of the Year through the women’s studies department.

I am happy to say that I not only nominated her for the award, but I also was able to introduce her.

The reason I nominated her and the reason I am so very grateful that our community has an amazing person like her is because of her presence.

She is not just one person but a presence of many. She has brought Girls on the Run of East Central Illinois to our community. She has drawn feminists around the area out of the woodwork and into this program. She has made it possible that so many girls can have more positive body image and self confidence. She has helped so many of the coaches of the program excel in so many parts of life.

She is a part of this community that continues to grow and welcome me with open arms. She is creating change and making the world a better place.

I couldn’t be more grateful that she is in my life and that she won this so very deserving award.