My Town

2013-02-19 20.51.14


My town gets a lot of crap for a lot of things. It’s not perfect. There is this weird divide between those who work for the university and those that hate the university. There’s also those pesky students who come and go like they own the place.

Then there is the problems of a campus being a problem of the town. It should be noted that of all those 600 hard copy signatures and 500+ online signatures, there was quite a lot of them from community members just as outraged as the students. Notice carry over, campus problem, is a community problem.

Then there is this weird thing that I was only suppose to be in this town 4 MAYBE 5 years tops. Then here I am. Five years later with a house and a garden. Looking for jobs.

This town isn’t so bad. This picture for example is the annual bowls of hope night. The local domestic violence shelter has local restaurants donate soup. Then they have local residents donate desserts for the famous dessert auction.

Nate donated this year and one of my old professors took one look at his layered chocolate cake, with peanut butter frosting, and chocolate peanut butter glaze and said, “Mine.” Naturally knowing this I upped her bid significantly but the cake is really good and was totally worth it. That and all the money went to an amazing cause.

So it’s one of those things that makes living here not so bad.