Proud Teacher

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I’m not teaching.

When I announced this to my students I had one student leap from his seat and say, “I am offended!” He was one of my favorite students and he really did make it hard for me to give up teaching.

After I assured him that my experience wasn’t so bad that I didn’t want to teach. He started listening again. I told him, and others, that I wasn’t teaching because I wanted to go into the non-profit world. I wanted to do more. It’s pretty bad that working with 30 students at a time wasn’t enough to make me fulfilled. (Seriously Tomato what are you going to have to do to feel like you are changing the world?)

It is so hard to give up teaching. Sure it was a royal pain in my ass some times. (Seriously students why you no haz turn your homework in on time!?) Other times it was enough to make me smile and keep on going. I have a few favorite students that it literally pains for me to walk away from. How is that possible when I only worked with them for a few weeks?

It’s teaching. That’s always what people say. That teaching is this occupation where you can help students excel in more than your subject field. It’s true. It’s not that simple though. My favorite students were students that other teachers didn’t always enjoy as much as I did. (Maybe it’s that I saw a bit of myself in these students).

I am sadly, giving up teaching. It is truly saddening because these students are so awesome. It is amazing how much the youth can accomplish. It is too often that youth is seen as unable, immature, and unintelligent. What a lie. These students were able to think critically, challenge myself, accept challenges, and excel.

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-Tomato Gives Up Teaching