Month: May 2013


  My birthday was a while ago. I'm behind on blogging clearly. But for my birthday I wanted to have some great friends together for a meal. You know a sit down and pass the mash potatoes type…

Wordless Wednesday

  Oh hai. -Tomato

I Was in a Documentary

I wasn't quite sure what to do with my hands. Want to know what else was in the documentary? The blanket my sister and mom made me for high school graduation. I am so grateful for these amazing…

Wordless Wednesday Day

  Okay so apparently someone brought in dog friendly cupcakes for their dog's birthday at Doggy Day care and Indy got to celebrate. But it is kinda cute huh? -Tomato

My Family Is Amazing

  I grew up where #family is so stinking important. We had gatherings for this and that.   Sometimes any ol' excuse just to get together.   I live in a family where one more is…

Woman of the Year

  One of my favorite people and mentor recently won Woman of the Year through the women's studies department. I am happy to say that I not only nominated her for the award, but I also was able…


  This semester I won Women's Studies Student of the Year. I was beyond happy. I worked really hard on a lot of my work through Women's Studies and I was so happy to be recognized. I was…

On Our Vacation

  We also did a lot of snuggling. - Tomato

I Want to Be a Ranger

  We went on this like it was called Laurel Falls. It had a "guided tour" that had a little write up about each stop along the route.   At first I thought it was completely unnecessary.…


  -Tomato Planted Tomatoes

What Activism Looks Like

Late night. Strong beverages. Puppy Snuggles. Research. To-Do lists. Very strong. Important. Feminist. Friends.   Two Page To-Do Lists   -Petitioning. Once again. Strong. Inspiring.…

More of What Student Teaching Looked Like

  - Indy needing snuggles. Right. Now. - Apparently a lot of oversized hoodies   - A quiet before the storm  

Mini-Much-Needed Vacation

Handsome and I went to the smokey mountains. We stayed in the city of Gatlinburg and mostly tried to venture on the mountains as much as possible. This was our hike on the Rainbow Falls. It was a…

Wordless Wednesday

-Tomato the Dog Owner  

My Town

  My town gets a lot of crap for a lot of things. It's not perfect. There is this weird divide between those who work for the university and those that hate the university. There's also those…

What I've Been Up To

This is exactly 600 signed copies of a petition for my university. That is co-presidents of the Women's Empowerment League rocking change at Eastern Illinois University. What I've been doing lately…


  It's here. Tomato did it. And it couldn't have been done without handsome. It's a pretty exciting moment.   -Tomato Graduate of Eastern Illinois University

Rocking the Short Hair

  Short hair has been an experience. I think I'm liking it. -Tomato