Closet Floor

Closet Flooring (Feb 2013)_0021

We recently took that old attic plank floor to nice Pergo flooring.

This is also your annual reminder that when you take pictures of yourself DIYing it up make sure you wear a cute outfit.

Closet Flooring (Feb 2013)_0026

You clearly can see I’m a fashionista.

Closet Flooring (Feb 2013)_0032


Indy didn’t like the floor we were putting in. It was slippery and it made it harder to jump off of. So when she stood on the floor she wasn’t going anywhere. Unless it was very. very. slowly. Which doesn’t happen when we do projects. It’s all go go go.

Of course we don’t have an official before and after picture because we didn’t take a final picture.

We still have to do something about 1 the bird house hole in the wall and 2 the fact that the walls are gross looking pressed wood. But one step at a time my friends.