House Work is a Box of Chocolates

Closet Flooring (Feb 2013)_0004

That’s my closet.

I know it’s big it’s nice. The angled walls take a bit of that away though.

That’s not what we are talking about here though. Do you see that black line in the middle of the wall in the closet?

There’s a weird square screwed to the wall there.

So we thought – while the closet is empty let’s check it out.
Closet Flooring (Feb 2013)_0006

So we unscrewed the square and

what is that?

Closet Flooring (Feb 2013)_0007


That, my friends, is a bird’s nest.

In my wall.


So we did a little bit of detour clean up.

Closet Flooring (Feb 2013)_0010

Thank god we have a ShopVac because this was NOT a job for my Dyson.

We had a short session of clean up and clean out.

Closet Flooring (Feb 2013)_0012

Which required one unexpected trip to the hardware store.Closet Flooring (Feb 2013)_0014

Sometimes you just never know what you’re going to get

Closet Flooring (Feb 2013)_0020

when you were suppose to be spending the whole morning working on the floor.