Fat Friday

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The series “Fat Fridays” is based off of my new journey of couch to 5k for the Spring Girls on the Run on April 20, 2013. I am trying to raise 300 dollars for the local chapter of girls on the run, the donation link can be found here. While I am training for the 5k I am also self-reflecting using some of the themes from the GOTR biweekly lessons that the girls go through. I do not claim to be fat (although “Feeling Fat” -definitely) but I am taking the perceptions of myself in reflection to help compile this series.

Running is hard. That’s the truth.

But there’s two things that I keep coming back to when my feet hit the ground and it’s this: Negative cord. Or Positive Cord.

Seems simple enough, right? Which one am I plugged into?

Well sometimes I just can’t get the negative cord out. Mostly this is because it’s stinking cold out, and no matter how I think about it

my bed was warmer


and the much better decision.

So on those days I decide that I’m going to at least give myself pleasure in the fact that I know I finished. So I finish. I put my feet to the ground and grind through it. Then afterward I tend to look at myself and do one of those winking at yourself in the mirror things.

You get it girl.

Then there’s some days where I can totally plug into the positive cord.

I’m a big advocate of positive affirmations. So I use em, “I’m powerful. I’m strong. I’m beautiful.” Sometimes if I’m having a particularly hard time with something I’ll throw something fancy in. “I’m so stinking smart.” “I’m kind.” You know what I’m saying.

Then I do something very very important.

I dance.

You see the Couch 2 5k program has different intervals you do. Right now I am 3 minutes of running 1:30 of walking 1:30 of running 1:30 of walking and repeat.

So when do you dance?

When I walk. I raise my hands and I fist bump up right  – elbow out left – elbow out right – fist bump up right – elbow out left – elbow out right.

Okay so it’s no electric slide, but it’s enough to get me to remember to dance. That it’s only a short matter of time in the grand scheme of the world and how often do we have to dance. So I do it. Sometimes I get my hips in it.

Yes. I do get a few stares.


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