The Hill You Want to Die On


I was in high school newspaper for one semester. It was long enough to know I was a creative writer and a procrastinator.

It was also long enough to learn a really important rule and it’s called, “Is this the hill you want to die on?” It goes like this, is this battle, this story, this what ever you are giving your energy toward – is it the hill you want to die on? Is this worth all your energy and time?

I don’t have many hills I want to die on. I have passions, and I have things that interest me.

But I have one hill on I’ll always die on, and that is advocating for the rights of survivors of sexual assault.

This has been what I’ve been working on right now. If you didn’t know it, my university is having a problem with reporting and treating survivors with respect and not accidentally letting them get lost in the system, or have to fight the system.

If you want to hear our demands better articulated and help join this cause, please sign our petition:

– Tomato’s Hill