Dear Nephews

Christmas 2012 049

Dear Nephews,

It’s your auntie Jen here. I want you to know a few things.

First I’ll read to you every day of your life if I could. I hope you find a love of reading like I have. In fact, when I come I’ll make sure we read great tales like Harry Potter and the Hobbit. And when you get a little older we’ll read The Hunger Games because I want you to know girls can be heroes too. So I’ll always come with new books and I’ll read you bed time stories until my throat becomes soft. I’m always on the look out for books I think you’ll love.

Second. I’ll always let you make a mess of my kitchen. Want to feel what squished tomatoes feel like? Want to know what covering a counter full of flour does for baking? I’ll let you learn and explore at my house. Or if we’re ever at your parents house I’ll let you learn and explore there and then we can learn how hard work clean up can be.

Third. I’ll let you learn about outside and all the cool things that happen there. Like growth, and life that starts with a seed. I’ll give you a pot of dirt and a plant and you can learn how hard it is to grow and how rewarding greenery can be.

Fourth. Even if you hate to read, and you think the kitchen is a scary place and you can’t even identify outside on a map. I’ll still love you.

Your Auntie,