Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Thanksgiving 2012 056

I grew up adamant that my family get a real tree and that we open Christmas gifts on Christmas. I’m a traditionalist what can I say.

Really it’s just that I like to take Christmas to the max.

I’m aware this is weird / odd. Thank you.

Thanksgiving 2012 058

So handsome and I went walking through the Christmas tree farm looking to cut down our own tree.

Thanksgiving 2012 064

We gave em a good smell.

Thanksgiving 2012 066

Measured them with scrutiny.

Thanksgiving 2012 076

Isn’t she a bute? The tree is pretty nice too.

Thanksgiving 2012 082


Thanksgiving 2012 070


It was a pretty manly thing to do.

Thanksgiving 2012 114

She’s so big the tree farm had to deliver it for us.

In fact she’s so big the whole farm laughed at us when they heard we were just going to throw it on the roof.

Thanksgiving 2012 195

I love her.

Thanksgiving 2012 199

She makes me sing Christmas carols.


Which isn’t really new.

Ask my family what I was like in June.

With an Alvin and the Chipmonk CD.