Teaching Coding

For the first time, I will be teaching 2 sections of a class in the School of Business at Eastern Illinois University this spring. During my undergraduate and graduate years I had thought about continuing on to get my doctorate because teaching had always been a thought in my head.

I love collaborating.

I love getting excited about technology (mostly coding)

I love getting others excited

I love seeing a student or peer make progress and I know I was there to help them learn something that took me weeks of struggling.

Web development is such a growing industry that I am almost completely self-taught. Sure I learned my coding basics and database design basics in school – but 80% of what I know is self-taught. So I’m excited to hopefully give my students a helping hand and give the web development community some better web developers!

Its going to be a crazy semester because not only is it my first time teaching – but it’s Jen’s too! She is student teaching in a high school english classroom and is super excited to get started.

P.S. In the photo, I’m teaching our friend’s kids some basic web coding

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