Halloween Festivities

Halloween 2012 040

We were really in the Halloween spirit.

So the next day after carving pumpkins we went to a corn maze.

Once again we took Jess, mostly because she’s awesome.

Thankfully someone drew boobs on the people so I was able to be in this picture. (P.S. Isn’t there a better way to show the gender spectrum then these awkward cup lines for boobs? – It’s uncomfortable)

Halloween 2012 042

We found this cat.

Halloween 2012 049

Have you ever seen Hocus Pocus?

Do you know the cat? Binxy? Binx? Well at one point the cat gets run over by a bus. But because of some weird curse it goes from a very flat cat to a puffed up regular cat.

This cat was deflated. It was totally Binxy.

The corn maze was a bit of a bust.

Halloween 2012 051

You see we had a MAD drought here in Illinois. So you could easily see thevery trampled ground through the very thin corn.

Luckily Nate was tall enough to see over the corn. Okay so we could see through the corn.

Halloween 2012 052

Still it was a lot of fun.

– Tomato has a lot shorter of hair.