October 2012 006

Here’s the deal I never thought I’d have that college friend where I can say, “we’re old roommates” Or when people get back together because for a short while in college they lived together. In fact this was such a foreign concept to me I didn’t get it. I didn’t get what was so awesome about roommates.

Until I had an awesome friend as a roommate.

You see this woman is amazing.

When she comes into town our plans normally look as such: Coffee shop – Yoga – Baking – Cooking – General Kitchen Adventuring

It’s amazing and I couldn’t be more grateful for someone who shares in the joy of making a warm food that brightens your day or a sweet baked good made for the first time when it comes out just right.

Or when it all bombs and you laugh hysterically while you just move onto the next thing.

I wish this woman would move back in. Or next door. Or not so far away. I get it know. I get how people look at the person they lived with and realize just how awesome of a person they are.

-Grateful tomato