Why We Really Went to Minnesota

Nephews! (Collin & Connor) 093

There’s TWO babies!

We were lucky enough to welcome these amazing babies into our lives and become aunts and uncles.

Nephews! (Collin & Connor) 088

I worked hard to catch this little guy mid sneeze.

Nephews! (Collin & Connor) 063

When I say I worked hard it should be noted pepper and feathers were NOT involved.

Just snapping at the right moment.

You might notice the amazing T-shirts

Nephews! (Collin & Connor) 049

Properly labeled in the awesomeness that is being an uncle.

Or twin uncles.

Nephews! (Collin & Connor) 028
Nephews! (Collin & Connor) 020

It’s a big job to be twin uncles to twins.

You always have to dress the part.

The shirts helped.

It’s a little less pressure to be the married half of the twin brothers.

Nephews! (Collin & Connor) 011

It’s pretty darn exciting to be an aunt.

I couldn’t be happier that the little Atkinson family is growing and I get to be a part of it!