Cooking with Grandma

Nephews! (Collin & Connor) 288

That would be me, tomato, and handsome’s amazing grandma, Margaret.

You see this woman makes a mad jelly.

It’s amazing.

It’s so amazing that my sister-in-law gave it as a favor for the wedding. I didn’t hear a single complaint!

Nephews! (Collin & Connor) 298

It’s strawberries.

She has a u-pick near her.

So it’s totally the good stuff.

Nephews! (Collin & Connor) 296

She was kind enough that when she had heard we traveled over 12 hours to the great lands of Minnesota she quickly whipped up some goods for jam.

Then she did my favorite part.

She stopped and came over for dinner with us.

Which means I got dinner annd…

I got to come over the next morning and see how it was all done.

This woman knows the key to my heart.

She let me stir –

Nephews! (Collin & Connor) 264

She let me into her kitchen, her family, and her heart.
Nephews! (Collin & Connor) 256
I couldn’t be more grateful.

I love when people do that.

– Tomato