Nephews! (Collin & Connor) 303

We travel. Here and there. And everywhere. I like it that way.

I like being able to round up Indy’s things around the house throw in a shirt or two for myself and hit the road.

It takes us a lot of amazing places.

Filled with great people.

Nephews! (Collin & Connor) 302

And Indy always like spending time with old friends and new.


Nephews! (Collin & Connor) 299

She’s the best dog to travel with and it’s not because she’s travel size. You see when we start packing up Indy starts getting skittish. She looks worried. She follows right.behind.your.heals. It makes packing fairly difficult.

Then when you put her on a leash and tell her to hop up in the car and into her kennel.

She does so.



She marches into her kennel and waits for the door to shut and circles around until she lays down.

And that’s the last you’ll hear of that until you start arriving where ever you are going. She can tell we are getting close by the sudden stop signs versus highway driving.

She’s smart.

It’s amazing to travel with a dog who is so willing to be in the car for hours.