Month: October 2012

Before and After

Before and After  

Fambily Picture Attempt

Indy Clearly deserves all the attention


Recently it was this woman's birthday. Which meant a 3 month surprise in the waiting. Naturally. You see this man lives hours away in the Virgin Islands (rough life). And it had been a year since…


Here's the deal I never thought I'd have that college friend where I can say, "we're old roommates" Or when people get back together because for a short while in college they lived together. In fact…

I Made That

No I didn't make that adorable kid (I'm not that crafty). I made what he was wearing! You may know by now that I am an Aunt to two wonderful Nephews. My mother-in-law was planning a baby shower for…

Second Breakfast

Sometimes you just have to be silly. Which for me means sometimes when I see an idea that would be "great for kids" or something that makes me go "aww" I like to do it. Who says adults don't like…


Wants to say hi

Who I Married

I'm lucky. So stinking lucky. I married the best man in the world. He still makes my heart explode. -Tomato

Why We Really Went to Minnesota

There's TWO babies! We were lucky enough to welcome these amazing babies into our lives and become aunts and uncles. I worked hard to catch this little guy mid sneeze. When I say I worked hard it…


We almost didn't make it to Minnesota this sunny season. Except after looking at our schedules and our amazing new nephews - we managed to find time. We loaded up the car and headed out. We helped…

Wordless Wednesday

Which should be changed to Indy Wednesday.

Cooking with Grandma

That would be me, tomato, and handsome's amazing grandma, Margaret. You see this woman makes a mad jelly. It's amazing. It's so amazing that my sister-in-law gave it as a favor for the wedding. I…


We travel. Here and there. And everywhere. I like it that way. I like being able to round up Indy's things around the house throw in a shirt or two for myself and hit the road. It takes us a lot of…