Here’s the deal handsome thinks that when I say Notre Dame Game that it’s one word. I think this is because I am so excited to say anything about the game or anything about the Irish that it all kind of slurs together.


None-the-less guess who recently went to the game?

Guess how the game ended. Or how it started. Or how it felt in the middle.


It was an amazing game. I won’t go into stats or how many times I high fived everyone around me. Or the amount of times I stepped on my cousins feet from jumping up and down.

I can tell you how many times I sat down during the game.

As in while a play was going on.


It was a stand the whole time and keep your eyes peeled on the game.

It was amazing.


I was lucky that this woman decided to call me and say she had an extra ticket with my name on it. You see I have this thing for football and enjoying football with everyone.

Thinking about it gives me goosebumps.