The Story Behind This Clock


Here’s the deal.

That clock was my parents.

And then I stole it.

Okay well the truth is my parents are going through this odd “get rid of ALL THE THINGS” phase. So my house is quickly becoming furnished and filled.

This clock is steal worthy though.

You see my parents started out without much money. At all. Remind me to tell you the mustard and relish story some day.

This was their one year anniversary. Apparently first year anniversary’s are wood or something.

They didn’t have much money and they had a choice. Buy a coocoo clock that they thought was super cool. Or pay the electric bill on time.

They bought the clock.

Now in hindsight I realize this story isn’t the best. Because you should always pay your bills on time and this was drilled into my head as a child despite hearing this story.

You see the moral of this story was always something like, “Sometimes you have to have blind faith in both your love and your life.”

So sometimes. I tell handsome to just “go for it” even though I know I really would like to have a fancy bathroom with a fancy garage. I realize that sometimes you just have to celebrate your love and have that blind faith that the money you put into good things like love and life – will come back to you.

– Tomato