House Warming

In true chaos style. I only have pictures of the pre and post. So here it goes!

My two wonderful parents came to visit and help prepare the house.

You know the philosophy where you clean it really really good. So that way when everyone walks through your house you can lay down at the end of the day and say, “I swear I remember it being clean.”

House Warming Party 029

Well it wouldn’t have been nearly as clean without these guys pulling in the extra hours and helping us.

House Warming Party 033

We are super blessed to have their company.

If working to help our house come together wasn’t enough they also brought this awesome gift:

House Warming Party 022

Isn’t it amazing!? You see my parents are pretty awesome people. So when I got a call from my mom saying, “I saw something on your pinterest can I make it for you?!” I was a little nervous (some of my pins can be a bit over the top) but lo-and behold she and my dad made this amazing sign.

Everyone who walked in was talking about it.

Sometimes I’m still amazed it’s in my house.

House Warming Party 050

No party is complete without a party animal and that’s Indy for sure. Check her out. She doesn’t even let people get up!

House Warming Party 053

We had some great food and the majority of it was gone by the time everyone went home.

Except for the brats.

We had hoards of brats.

For days.

No I do not want to eat a brat ever again.

We have chalkboard walls in our house and we put them to use for the party.

First was my parents doing:

House Warming Party 075

If you haven’t noticed our deck is beyond a mess. It’s falling apart and terrible.

So. We asked a few people what the thought. We got a little dreamy. Then someone got serious and started a signup for a date in April.

We’ll get back to that in April.

Then the other chalkboard / wall became a place for people to “leave a little love”

House Warming Party 076

House Warming Party 079
House Warming Party 082
House Warming Party 078

It was a really good time and we definitely broke in the house a bit more with a lot of new and old faces. It’s one of those moments when you realize how awesome everything is right at that moment.