The 100 Tabs I Have Open Right Now:

Indy Overload (August 2012) 008

Here’s a few things that I’ve been drooling over lately on the interwebs.

So much so that I have hoards of tabs open. It’s probably best for everyone that I Start closing some.

I’m thinking a birthday party for handsome. Too bad his birthday isn’t until April. So maybe it’ll be a half birthday. These are just TOO AWESOME.

I started cutting the parts for these AWESOME puppets for my new AWESOME nephews. I’m thinking of also adding a girl farmer and an alligator. I have a lot of green felt to use up.

Are you drooling? I know there’s hoards of summer squash to be eaten up before those terrible terrible fall squash come out adn this looks perfect! Did I mention I absolutely love zucchini?!

How to make fridge pickles.

Want to hear a secret?

I use to drink the pickle “juice”

I was weird.

Except sometimes when I eat pickles and all the pickles are gone..

Sometimes I seriously think about just a little spoonful.. or a gulp.. a swish?

Get me help.

Anyway. Make these. Bring them to my house. k.Thanks.bye

I’m a planner. And I’m thinking of a Halloween costume already.

I’m already the token crazy feminist. Why not symbolize it too?

P.S. has anyone seen the picture of Michelle Obama’s face imposed on this picture.


That would be chipotle hollandaise on eggs benedict. Here’s the thing I recently went to Indianapolis and went to a shmoozy breakfast place. They had something similar on their menu. Now that’s all I can think of.

Don’t believe me?

I’ve ate eggs three time this week – each time hoping my scrambled eggs would turn into this.

It didn’t.

Now you understand. How do I close the tabs when all of this food looks so good? If you’re interested in any of the original posts feel free to click the picture it will take you to my source of straight drooling.

-Tomato Tab