The First Time My Bedroom Has Been Clean

August 2012 003


This is obviously the before.


August 2012 004

Handsome really chose a winner when he said forever.

Luckily he knew that the majority of my clothes always make it on the floor before he said forever and ever.

Really all I did was clean.

We’ve been calling it a one room process. Where we pick a room and we clean it top to bottom and put everything where it is suppose to be. That means if there are things leaned up against the wall we hang them up. If there is things to be put away they go away. If there is temporary home things there we get rid or move them.

So basically.

We cleaned up and moved in for real this week.

Here’s some after shots.

August 2012 010
August 2012 008
August 2012 013
August 2012 009

Revolutionary huh?

-Tomato cleans