A Summer Playlist

Lots of cuteness here

I use to make a lot of CDs for friends in high school. Not always for people I was madly in love with, but sure I might have made a few boyfriends mixed-tape CDs. I also had to explain what that meant to a few of my boyfriends. Which made our relationship last a lot shorter of a time.

It also meant playing with sharpies on CDs which was a great feeling. Between the smells and the smooth way the marker writes on the CD. It was nice.

My CDs were also known for exclectic array of shit.

See it goes like this.

Wow this is some nice feminist acoustic.

Seriously did “Call Me Maybe” just play?

This bass is making my ears rattle.

I hate this song.

This is a youtube song. On a playlist.

Thanks for a trip back to the 60s.

Thanks for a trip back to the forest.

Thanks for a trip back to country music.


So if you’re looking for a trip or just interested in what I’m listening to here’s my summer playlist.