Making Progress

Handsome and I are throwing a party to break in the house. We figure if we can fill it will all the people we love than it’s meant to be!

So we’ve been doing a haul on the house over some big eye sores.

Tree Trimming with Rick (August 2012) 005

Like that little tree.

You might remember it from this picture.

It’s over there to the right.

It also happened to be right below some serious powerlines.

Not the best placement previous homeowners…

Anyway so we took that guy down and the little shrub on the left.

We did a lot of other take down too but the chain saw was more “trimming” than “haul that shit away” so we called it a day when it over heated. Twice.

Tree Trimming with Rick (August 2012) 006

It’s nice to be able to see a bit better around our house now.

Tree Trimming with Rick (August 2012) 001

The environmentalist dies in me a bit for knocking down so many trees, shrubs, growths, and random trees, but I promise next year we’ll plant a few seedlings and hope they grow. We’ll have a garden and a good attitude on the Earth.

For right now we’re still in take down, tear up, and start from the ground up.

I couldn’t be more grateful for all the amazing helpful hands that have made our house slowly more of a home.