Recent Project

House Work (July 20, 2012) 003

Again I’ve been hitting the ground running and here’s a project I’ve been working on lately.

House Work (July 20, 2012) 007

It’s just a spray painted old metal milk crate.

At least I think it was a milk crate.

It has DEANS written on the side.

So maybe it was a sour cream crate?

Here’s a bit of what they look like when they are done:

House Work (July 20, 2012) 038

They work really great as makeshift bookshelves, fabric holders, and shoe holders.

So if you are at an auction, garage sale, or thrift store and see some gnarly looking covered in cobweb and odd colored milk crates.

Snatch em’ up.

Paint em

and put them in your house.

I swear by them.