A Haze

Saugany (July 15th, 2012) 077

This is my grandma’s cottage. You might remember the pier from our wedding pictures was in front of her place.

You see there are two places at this house where I have the most memories.

1. The lake.

Saugany (July 15th, 2012) 011

And 2.

That table.

Which is funny because it was the adult table.

Unless it was just my little family and my grandma.

We use to sit around that table and I remember always being amazed at how sticky the wood was with all the food, drinks, and life spilled on that table.

I remember having to sit on stacks of newspaper in order to sit on those chairs.

Because grandma didn’t want the chairs getting wet.

I remember being a kid sleeping in the loft and watching grandma sit in the table smoking cigarette after cigarette.

Now as I sit around the table I can’t help wonder if my drink ring will add to the sticky nature of that table.