Hit the Ground Running

You might know that I’ve been out of the country for a while.

It’s been a relief being home.

My snuggle intake has doubled.

It’s nice.

However I’ve also been pretty stinking busy.

Canning Salsa (July 11, 2012) 022

I’ve made 3 batches of salsa so far.

That’s 15 jars.

I’m down to 4.

Mostly because I like giving them away.

Canning Salsa (July 11, 2012) 003

Here’s the thing.

I’ve also smiled a lot.

But you see that apron?

It’s pretty nifty looking huh?

It was a Christmas gift and it was from a really great new cousin of mine.

Best part?

Canning Salsa (July 11, 2012) 017

When you’re chopping all the tomatoes and getting tomato juice EVERYWHERE it isn’t ruining my clothes.

Okay so I don’t always craft in the best clothes.

But it’s nice not to fall asleep with crusty tomato juice on your skin.

Canning Salsa (July 11, 2012) 015

See? They are pretty darn juicy.

Canning Salsa (July 11, 2012) 035

But it’s all worth it.