How to Travel Outside Your Comfort Zone

Handsome and I have done couchsurfing before and we really liked it.

However a really good friend of ours told us about so we thought we’d give it a try.

Because although I really love couchsurfing, I felt like there wasn’t certainty about whether or not you’d 1. find the place or 2. really truely have a place to stay.

Mind you we had a great experience couch surfing.

Now we’ve had a great experience using airbnb too!

First we met Gordon there.

He’s a black lab and demands attention. Much like another great Lab in our life.

Except Gordon doesn’t like popcorn.

Gordon also liked to pretend he didn’t like colonials.

Gordon also did not like to share the couch with handsome.

Gordon was AWESOME.

Then there was these guys:


They really liked music.

And asking what music american’s liked to listen to.

I listen to folk music and an odd assortment of country.

I kept my mouth shut.

So they played everything and anything.



They played with their teeth.

They played behind their back.

They played to make us laugh.

They played to make us clap.

The most awesome part? They played because they liked it, and we liked to listen to it.

You do not get spur of the moment shows when you go the traditional travel route.

I love using sites that bring you in contact with people. It’s always an experience.


-Tomato loved it