Going Down:


Handsome and I went a few feet underground.

Which stinks because we wanted to do a little hiking while he was here and check out some of the country side.


Buxton didn’t like that idea and had the rainiest windiest days ever.

So we went under.


Down 100 + stairs.


Into a boat!

It was pretty dark when we got down to the “BOTTOMLESS PIT” so we had to use flash pictures. Sad.IMG_6866

Here’s a picture of the river underground continued. Well it’s not really a river it’s a water source, but it has over flowed before.



The boat barely fits through that hole. You have to duck in the boat.

Handsome was giving his nervous laugh.

I like that laugh.

A lot.

It’s the same laugh he does on roundabouts in England.

We went to another cave.

It was called the Devil’s Arse.

It farts.


Handsome didn’t take any pictures.

Once again because it was really dark.

Either way.

-Tomato went underground