Is that My House?


Recently handsome has come to visit me. Which means someone had to watch the fluff.

We had a friend staying with us, Butler, and a friend come visit to watch the dog, Dave do some work while he was gone.

I use the term some very sarcastically. Check out this before and after:

I literally teared up hours away. I couldn’t be more surprised and happy, nor could I miss home any more than I already do! You see those stubs are lilac bushes. Don’t worry they will grow back, it was just impossible for them to continue as trees. And that little tree you see on the left? That’s a maple that started in our yard. As a nut. I know this because there is a ton of maple starter trees all over our yard (some only 7 inches high!)

I cannot believe it!

The mulch came from our local drop-off site and the rocks from when we re-did our pond.

I’m so grateful for these two amazing men in my life (any takers?) I couldn’t be more blessed with awesome people in my life.

-Tomato so grateful


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