London Weekend – Food


I live to eat.

No really.

I love food.

It’s a healthy relationship though.

Or so I tell myself.

Because at least the food I love isn’t twinkies.

Instead it’s this:


I found this little Gelato place while on my food walks tour.



This woman showed us all around near the Covent Gardens and little known facts about things like

Roast Beef
-Use to be very patriotic against the French
-Has a whole song devoted to it

Yorkshire Pudding
-Use to be very big and contained drippings of the meat that cooked above it

The Savoy
-Was losing money until they hired a French Chef

The Bells of St. Clemen’s
-Probably just handed out oranges to help P.R. and because of popularity

Drury Lane:


-Did have muffin men. They rang their bells similar to the ice cream truck. Except England has a law banning muffin men from ringing their bells.

Now here’s the truth about me and food.

I can’t get enough.

So on my last day I walked fairly far back to this organic store / kitchen / restaurant that I had passed.


Dayles Ford was the name of it.

I stayed there enjoying a three course meal.

First there was salad


Then a burger


Then what they called chocolate nemesis


I almost died.

No really.

It was so good.

The salad could have used a little bit more dressing but the tomatoes were so good there really was no need to dress it up much any how. The lettuce greens were crisp and tangy. The burger was juicy and the onions added just the right amount of kick.

Then my favorite.

The chocolate nemesis.

If I could eat this my whole life I would. The chocolate torte part was out of this world. Rich and yet fluffy in texture. Then the cream was sweet and cool adding temperature to taste and the mint leaves added a touch of flavor that brought it all together.

I would so head to this shop any day! I bought a lot of organic things here and there to bring back for my brother and maybe a few to snack on myself.

– Tomato Tasted