Lincoln Tour


We had a tour of the Lincoln cathedral the other day.

This is not the entire cathedral obviously. The one time it would have been good to bring my 200 pound wide angle lens I didn’t.

Mostly because I’m a bit on the edge of

Bernstein Bears and the Too Much Vacation

so I took my light, little, 50 ml which only let’s you have snippets of the awe of the Gothic.


This lovely woman is a volunteer tour guide and let me tell you a few things about her.

1. She’s older than dirt.

2. She’s doing something she loves.

3. She’s an inspiration.

4. She reminds me of something from the animated version of Robin hood.

Just sayin.

She showed us some secret little elements of the cathedral.



Orr this old statue of saints.

Except this one had it’s head knocked off by French soldiers. England has been at war a lot. It could have been the Spanish.


The head was knocked off all the saints right?

Then a bishop came along and thought they would look better with heads.

So he put heads of bishops on the statues.

Why he didn’t put saint’s heads I don’t know.

But apparently the bishop never thought to look and see if a female saint should have their head back, instead he just popped a bishop’s head right on top.


So far my favorite part of this trip has been the tours. You meet some amazing people that really are interested in what they are talking about. This woman was interesting to say the least.

-Tomato finds random facts