It’s a great time to be traveling in England right now because of the Queen’s Jubilee, the Olympics, and also the Eurocup.



What’s even more exciting is England is still in the Eurocup.

Even after tonight.


As an American you always hear about the soccer fans and the crazy games, or shenanigans fans are up to, but never personally witnessed any.

While it’s not down to the finals yet for the Eurocup, it is still an experience to say the least.

It’s a joy actually.


Everyone is cheering and loud. It reminds me of being in South bend during Notre Dame games (or as handsome likes to say, Notre-dame-games one word).


The folks behind us were the best laughin’ and cheerin’ and cursing and yelling. It was a mix between having a bed time story told by your grandfather who use to be a pirate.

Which was awesome.

The bar experience.

I never had a pirate grandfather.

That would have been awesome.

None-the-less I look forward to more games and it was exciting to say the least. I couldn’t be happier as a yank from across the pond getting a small taste of some local experience.