1 Year of Awesomeness

Hard to believe its already been a year since me and Jen were married. I still can’t believe how lucky I am to have such a great partner in life and adventures.

Let’s just talk about how awesome our wedding day was. So much of our family and friends came to support us – the day would not have been near as fun without everyone there to share our joy.

The wedding was great, but day-to-day life is my favorite. Why being married to Jen is awesome (a few reasons):

  • Waking up with the love of my life
  • tickle attacks (she is a rabid tickler)
  • being forced to tell stories
  • buying nerf guns and having wars in the house
  • She’s really snuggly
  • I used to hate shopping – but somehow things get crazy when we shop together
  • I laugh more
  • Social activisim
  • Everyday activities somehow get a sense of adventure added to them
  • We help each other reach our own dreams
  • We reach dreams together too
  • I can make brownies better than her
  • She’s super crafty
  • love letters (lots of them)!

Thats just a small list, she’s pretty amazing (but you’ve probably gathered that if you read her blog). Lucky to be able to spend forever with this wonder woman! And I’m really looking forward to finding her in London  in 2 days and holding her for a long time!

Tomato-less handsome

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