How to Travel


Without the man you love.

It’s very hard.

Sometimes it’s really hard.

You see when handsome and I got married last summer it was the summer I was meant to be in England.

Well that’s the way I planned it.

No really I always stick to my plans.

Okay so that’s a lie.

But this was a plan I was planning on for a while.

Then we decided why not get married right. Now. I did love the guy after all.

So I wanted to make a promise to myself, if I did get married I wanted to go to England.

Flash forward one full year and here I am hours and hours away from the man I love in a foreign country on a different time zone.

The trick?





Video chat.




A visit.

Handsome is coming in a matter of days and it is the highlight of my trip.

Okay that is not exactly true there are a lot of nerdy places I am looking forward to going to.

But I am so excited to share part of this experience with him. I’m excited to hand over the camera and let him take the reins (carry it).

I’m excited to have someone to lay next to, to talk to at all hours of the night, and to snuggle.

– Tomato has a partner