It Was an Adventure


It’s been raining here. More than normal according to the locals. Sounds a lot like my trip to Ireland 3 years ago.

I’ve been weighing my options lately of to-bring-the-million-dollar-camera or not.

Okay it’s not a million dollars, but still it makes me nervous.

Did I mention I’m clumsy?

But the rain cleared up so I said. Yep! I’m taking this sucker on this nice 20 minute walk to Chatsworth Manor.

20 Minutes is nothing.

We ran into this old chap and he told us that there was a 10 mile hike we could use to get there. That’s the only way he knew how to get there.


But we had heard there was a secret path that this old man didn’t know about that would only be 20 minutes. So we thought let’s do it!


This man too had heard of no such path. Except he did tell us where a map could be found.


Eventually we had 5 people all reading this little map. It wasn’t looking so good for us, but we had just started and were still in very high spirits.


The hike was a little muddy, but still a general path so sure we were going in the right direction.

Then we took a “footpath” which led us to a golf course. Still a generally well kept path.

These men told us we were “On the right path!”

So we forged on.


The path became pretty wooded very quickly. There wasn’t much but mud at this point.

I was glad I had my hiking boots on.

Others were not so lucky.


At this point we had been on the trail for close to an hour.

The thing about English foot-trails, footpaths, or hiking trails is they are right through different properties, pastures, and landscapes.



This is a little gate between the fence that you have to make sure to lock because of the livestock! It’s an experience I have yet to even come close to in the states.

You’ll also see at this point we were still pretty attached to that useless map.IMG_6310

After this gate we saw a great big hill that we thought surely our destination was just on the other side. It was a grassy meadow and it was beautiful.


However just over this hill was this hill.


Another gate. Another property line.


At this point some of us were pretty tired of lack of proper attire. Also we are well over an hour at this point.

Another gate another property line:


I started to feel good about deserving a great big dinner!

Another great hill.


All of this was beautiful, but we were only half of our group. We started to laugh at how the other half of the group must have thought we were all left with broken legs or a mud slide. Turns out some people in that half really did believe the mud slide idea.

Silly how stress makes you think the silliest things.



The rain came back. (Tomato has no umbrella at this point)


So much for not getting the camera wet.

Then we went over one more property line and the sign said it! Chatsworth this way!


See how the landscape looks a little more flowery instead of local over-grown? That’s how I knew the sign must be true!


But after that gate right in that last picture, we were finally in a pasture that had livestock.


Which meant poop bombs everywhere.

Did I mention it was really raining?


I wasn’t even sure if they would let me into the house because I was dripping wet and muddy.

But they did let us inside this beautiful house:


So far this has been my favorite part of the trip. I love the different landscapes that happened within such a short period of time. There was hiking next to a stream, through a field of grass, in a field of sheep, and then in wooded paths. It was beautiful even with the cold weather.

-Tomato is a true adventurer

P.s – Total walk time: 1 hr and 50 minutes