What a Day!

Today we did a lot of things, if you just want to see a few things I saw head on over to this post, but if you want to know about the day and all the adventures, make yourself comfortable.

First things first we headed out to the Burghley House:


It’s beautiful to say the least.

Then we headed to Cambridge.


It rained pretty hard when we first got there. It was a really rough introduction to English weather for me. I had a rain jacket sure, but I was short an umbrella.

We all wandered off and found our own adventures, I of course, managed to find a used book store.


A coffee shop:


Then I had lunch / dinner at this place called Yo Sushi

I was craving some flavor and food so I went in and I was not disappointment.

The restaurant works as such: They make different plates, all about serving size, and then they put it on a conveyor belt. When you see something that looks appetizing you grab one. You see each plate is a different color and each color represents a different price. At the end the waitress comes by and counts your plates and gives you your bill!

It was really neat.


This was my favorite it was some type of eggplant tasty.


Next we went punting. What is punting?


A boat down the canal with a big stick that reaches down under the water to the cobblestone and pulls you a long.

Except we didn’t just go punting. No we went on a punting / ghost tour.

It was amazing.


This lady told us all there was to know of ghost stories and historical facts. It was a total nerd land.

I liked it.

And this lovely gent helped pull us along.


After a while though we hopped out of the boats and headed back up to the town, because you see

This is where the old gallows man lived.


This is where I had coffee, and apparently they have a ghost that once left a trail of marshmallows all the way up the stairs.
And remember that book store I told you about earlier? Well I snapped this picture and giggled, but apparently they too have a ghost!