Eye Spy – Continued

I’ve been going on some tours lately and not allowed in with my camera.

Which translates to.

When I really really want to take pictures I have to wait until everyone leaves and then snap a quick shot.

Hence the “Eye spy” theme

and shotty photography (pun).


We went to Burghley House for a tour. It is said to be the inspiration of many different houses in Jane Austen’s novels.


This bag is made of an old wool blanket. I didn’t buy it. Because I have way too many bags, but maybe I need to purge them all so I can have awesome bags like this.

Outside had this really fun area for kids to play around in and get wet. Almost like a garden version of a water park for children.

I loved it.


The English nerd in me almost died when I saw this sign. Perhaps this is a great way of making more money as an English teacher?


This couple made me miss my husband more and more.


This lovely man was another attempt at not calling it snooping, but calling it street photography.



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