Eye Spy with my Little Eye

We went on a tour today of Harlaxton Manner where we are staying.


This wonderful lady showed us around to some secrets and also some facts about the ol’ place.


She kept calling these “door ornaments” I want door ornaments.


This ceiling had a rumor that the Jesuits painted over it with pretty clouds because they couldn’t stand the naked ladies. The ceiling fell (days before a wedding was scheduled for the room!) and they looked under the plaster.

Nope no naked ladies.

Take that myth busters.


Sometimes what she said was shocking.

Mostly because you kept thinking a mixture of, “No wonder the last 2 serious owners all went bankrupt.” and “I want that.”


This room was brought to you by beast.

As in.

Floor to ceiling type of books.


See! Still me.

– Tomato Spy