Chemical Free – Beginnings

Girls State Track Weekend 022

Isn’t that a beautiful brick path?

Do you see it? It runs from the porch to the gate.

This is a better picture.

Girls State Track Weekend 021

Here’s the trick to getting that beautiful brick path out from the overgrowth.


It kills everything.

Put a lot of vinegar in an old spray bottle (I used a clean old Windex container) then you add a splash of soap. Because that’s what Google told me to do.

Then you spray. Spray on a hot day in the middle of the hottest part. Let it sit and BAM. Then it looks like dead over growth.

Girls State Track Weekend 032


Then what you do is you attack.

We used shovels, a broom, and a rake.

Oh and Indy.

First you kill the grass so it loosens up. Then you slide the blade of the shovel between the growth and the path. Then you well. Go at it!

Girls State Track Weekend 033

Yes. Indy is for hire if you need help with your project.

What ever little pieces of grass you have left go ahead and spray em’ with vinegar and pull em out.

Girls State Track Weekend 037

Now let’s talk about science before you go all willy-nilly with the vinegar. Vinegar changes the PH of the soil. A lot. So if you are clearing an area for, oh I don’t know, say a garden, DO NOT USE VINEGAR.

Also if you do use vinegar.

Don’t blame me.

-Trying to be Chemical Free Tomato