Friends From Far Away

We recently had a visit from one of my friends from all the way up in Wisconsin! Her and her partner are trying to see all 50 capitals. Luckily for us, we live near two of them!

Springfield Capitol 008

Aren’t they the funnest?!

We west to D’Acry’s and had a horseshoe.

We barely made it out alive. We also though it best not to take pictures of ourselves crawling / rolling out of the restaurant.

Do you know what a horseshoe is?

It’s a piece of texas toast.

With some type of meat on top.

I got buffalo chicken. (I’ve had a mad addiction to buffalo lately).

Then the top it off with a pound of fries.

Then the top it off with your choice of traditional or spicy cheese.

It’s a lot to say the least hence, the reason we have no pictures.

BUT. We did have a lot of fun near the Illinois state capital.

Springfield Capitol 024

We got to be pretty darn silly.

Springfield Capitol 029

“Telescope for public use”

Springfield Capitol 033

It was fun to be silly with another couple.

Springfield Capitol 043

Really silly sometimes.

Springfield Capitol 050

We took lots of pictures.

Springfield Capitol 052

Springfield Capitol 058

Springfield Capitol 065

Springfield Capitol 071

We had such a good time laughing and eating and eating. It was so nice to just giggle about things and catch up on life since we have seen each other. She is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and I’m so glad to call her a friend! That and her partner is a hoot!

-Tomato and Friends