There’s a saying that is really common when you have kids. Well I wouldn’t know because I don’t have kids, I just know because that’s what people tell me when I work with their kids.

“It takes a village to raise a child”

That’s a crock a shit.

Because the saying should go,

“It takes a village to live”

I’ve been so lucky when we bought this house to meet a great group of people and know that I have a great group of friends that came out of the woodwork and into the wood chuck to help us with our house and send positive karma our way.

House work with Craft Mafia 006

Their help saved us time, sanity, and paper on our endless to do list.

House work with Craft Mafia 009

But more than anything

House work with Craft Mafia 013

They made us feel welcome, warm, and loved.

It takes a village to make a house. To be a part of a village. To feel connected.

I couldn’t be more happy and grateful.

-Tomato lives in a Village