My birthday is on April Fools Day.

No really.

Not joking.

So what did we do for it?

Wait till you hear..

Jen's Birthday 005

Home-made donuts. Awesome points: 7 / 10

Jen's Birthday 034

Puppy snuggles. Awesome Points 8 / 10

Jen's Birthday 051

Picnic. Awesome points:


Did I say PICNIC.

Oh you don’t even know!

Jen's Birthday 046

(Heck yes picnic hair! Get’s me everytime)

Jen's Birthday 048

And a handsome studly stud to have a picnic with!? No. Shut up.


Jen's Birthday 044

All sass aside the picnic : Awesome Points 9 / 10

It was a really great birthday.

Plus the next day we were diving into another huge adventure together.

Jen's Birthday 055

-Another Year Old Tomato