Today. Handsome and I are homeowners.

It feels a bit like taking a big weight off your shoulders, mixed with putting cement shoes on.

We’ve been so excited we wanted to tell everyone, but we were operating on extreme Murphy’s Law, so I was afraid of getting my hopes up for nothing.

Here’s the beauty:

She needs a little love, but luckily that is something Handsome and I are very very good at.

Want to know how we picked her?! Well here’s how it went. We looked at houses online for months. Literally we started this adventure in October. We started looking in the lowest range ever and luckily for us we live in a college town which is a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because there is some really great houses that just need a little love.

We had a list of babies to look at. Then we dropped the ball. Hard. We walked away. Moslty because the idea of buying a house was still extremely too stressful for me. Then over Christmas our apartment was leased for the next year.

Looks like we had to move. We did not want to rent again. You see when you have an adorable puppy,

Oh what?

You don’t remember what she looks like?


Okay well that little fluff causes our rent to raise significantly. I love her, but apparently when landlords hear the word, “dog” they hear, “poop stains, fur, vomit stains, and noise complaints” which causes them to jack up rent significantly.

Sometimes it’s frustrating.

Luckily for us.

We love her.

So we got back from Christmas revived from family and friends and we dove right into really seriously thinking about buying a house. It helped that we knew that the poor car was on the way out the door.

Oh the car?

It dinged. As in ding fries are done.


Car & Baking 036

We donated it to a lovely organization that 83 cents to every dollar goes directly into their programing. #love

We started looking online and a new house was there that wasn’t there in October.

It was our house.

I told handsome. This is our house.

He said maybe.

I said fine it’s my house.

So every time we talked about houses it was always that house on such and such street, or the house on street what ever, or my house.

It was my house.

I loved it.

I didn’t want to admit to it.

I didn’t admit it until a month ago. Right before we put an offer in, “handsome, I wasn’t suppose to fall in love with a house we don’t have. I love this house.” He said, “me too.”

We looked at lots of other houses with beautiful features and really probably potentially more stable foundations or what have you, but we didn’t love those.

So Here’s hoping there will be lots of before and after pictures and thank all of you for supporting us once again in a new adventure in life.

– Tomato has a house

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