Springfield – Obed’s and Isaacs

Springfield Spring Break 048

Obed’s and Issacs is a micro-brewery and eatery in Springfield Illinois.

I’m a fan.

Why am I fan?

Well first off all for their beer that doesn’t taste like bud-light.

Or keystone.

Or god-help-us-all PBR.

Okay so really it’s because their beer tastes a little like, maybe something I don’t always get. It tastes a little… different. It tastes a little. Delicious.

Then there’s the fact that I went with people I love:

Springfield Spring Break 053

Springfield Spring Break 054

Then of course there was this:

Springfield Spring Break 057

Best fish and chips I’ve had in a long time. Worth the drive.


I’m currently drooling.

No really…

Either way it was nice to hang with family, drink good beer, and eat fantastic food.

Springfield Spring Break 062

The prices were pretty understandable and the company fantastic! I’m sure if your in Springfield some of them would be willing to share a beer! Well by share I mean you have one and they have one.

Thankfully these folks are always keeping me laughing

Springfield Spring Break 060


Great food. Worth every dime (very understandable prices). Good beer. Fantastic environment (wish we could have seen the patio!)

– Tomato loves it