How to Make a Picture Window

This isn’t your traditional picture window. Let it go.

March 2012 037

It’s a window. With pictures in it.

Step one

buy old window.

Don’t have one?

Go to the following places:
Garage Sales
Garbage Picking

Got one?



Pick off paint with sander and sandpaper.
Decide you like that color despite the chipping and possible lead paint.
Decide it’s perfect.


Print of 8 x 10

or 5 x 7

Really? Just check the size of your window vs. size of pictures.

Okay good


Scotch Tape.

Really scotch tape?!

Well here’s the deal. You probably are going to find AWESOME pictures to put in the window…

ten days after you hang it up

So trust me.


Or get fancy and use glue dots.

Here’s what Indy was doing:

March 2012 047

Life is rough. Ruff.


There you go add tape add pictures. Put some little fancy picture hanging material back there and tahdah –

March 2012 055

Pretty spiffy huh?

Too bad it’s far too heavy and too breakable to hang up in my shotty apartment. Here’s hoping for a house soon!

-Crafty Tomato

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