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I have a really bad habit of buying things for ALL THE PROJECTS and not finishing them.  It’s a bad habit.

My goal is to keep finishing projects before I add any really large projects.

I’m struggling.

I love projects. I love crafts. I love the idea of having the ideal. Having everything done.

Let’s be serious.

However I have recently finished a project.

Scrabble Tabletop 039

Isn’t it pretty? I followed this tutorial.

It’s in German. Or according to my google-translate it was in German. It could only translate one paragraph. That warned me not to use wood glue.

Thankfully that tutorial has pictures.

This was a project of winging it. Learn from my mistakes.

Step one.

Scrabble Tabletop 001

Lay  your scrabble tiles out to see if you have enough. It took me an entire gallon size bag to fit this table. Also you’ll notice I took off the side trim. Looking back I kind of like the idea of the two different types of wood and it would have prevented further problems and created some. So please comment if you want to have trim on the outside.

I didn’t.

Step Two.

Once you know for certain that you have enough tiles start picking through and finding words.

Scrabble Tabletop 011

Because you know everyone is going to ask, “Did you hide words in there?!” Also note this is probably not the time to hide dirty words. You might grow up.

Instead hide inappropriate words your grandmother use to say.

Like Shnockered.

See it’s sentimental not immature.

Step Three.

Lay Grout. Or cement stuff. It’s the white stuff they spread out BEFORE the grout. Ask the person at your local hardware store. If I could figure it out in German certainly you can understand what I am trying to say.

Scrabble Tabletop 013

Alright this is where it is important you listen. Tiles will SHRINK when they go in the grout. It is the weirdest thing. I thought for sure they would EXPAND but they don’t. Suggestion? Always tile all the way across, I learned this too late. Also suggestion? Leave spaces for the tiles to move around a bit. There was times when I had to really bag the tile to get it to fit. Last suggestion? A lot of grout is okay. Well it seems that the places where I had grout as thick as above did not pop up and look like it could fall out.

Scrabble Tabletop 020

This would be grout where I wish I would have put a bit more.

Again I didn’t have a tutorial in English.

Nor had I done anything of this sort before.


Scrabble Tabletop 022

Work across and throw words in when you want to. When you put a word in going down go ahead and put as much of it down as the grout will let you but be prepared to move it because the tiles won’t line up.

Also remember

GIVE YOURSELF SPACE the tiles like the breathe.

Also for future reference this is what my dog was doing during this whole process:

Scrabble Tabletop 024

Scrabble Tabletop 025

One of the bad things about not realizing your tiles will expand and such is the fact that I had a little more overlap than I would have liked. Had I known this I would have cut it one row short.

Life is a matter of winging it.

Now this would be when you read the directions and realized.


So you wait.

Scrabble Tabletop 029

And then you polyurethane that sucker. Follow the directions on how to do it.

They are in English.


Also hopefully this helps you because you know English.

Don’t put on too too much you can always do a few coats a day. This is where I am. I have currently done two coats, and will do another one today.

Also if you think those holes could be easily repaired by dripping poly in them.

It doesn’t.

This also causes the tiles to pop up.

Strike three.

Scrabble Tabletop 034

Just one coat makes it so pretty though, can you see the difference?

Scrabble Tabletop 042

There it is!

– T-O-M-A-T-O

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